Russell Rogers

Russell Rogers

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First Name * Russell
Last Name * Rogers
Username * rrogerscg
Country * US
City Gridley


Availability: Freelance


Well hello there! The name's Russell Rogers, and I'm a fresh graduate looking for employment in 3D animation and/or environmental concept design. I've attended CSU, Chico's applied computer graphics program for the past 4 years, and have been able to take a TON out of it. I have plenty of experience in modeling, concept design, digital lighting/texturing, and level design, but I think I've found my niche in 3D animation and environmental design. I have a long way's to go, but I feel I've already made a lot of progress over the years. I live within Autodesk Maya, and PhotoShop, but am willing to migrate to other programs if needed. A good friend/professor of mine said that he thought I should stick with this, and that is what I'm going to do.